Where to Donate Business Suits

Where to Donate Business Suits: Giving Back in Style

Donating business suits is an excellent way to support individuals who are in need of professional attire for job interviews or work-related events. Whether you have outgrown your suits, changed careers, or simply want to give back to your community, there are several organizations that accept suit donations and distribute them to those in need. In this article, we will explore some popular options for donating business suits and help you find the best place to make a meaningful contribution.

1. Dress for Success: Dress for Success is a well-known international nonprofit organization that helps women achieve economic independence. They accept donations of gently used, nearly-new women’s business attire, including suits, blouses, and accessories.

2. Career Gear: This organization focuses on empowering men to overcome barriers to employment by providing them with professional clothing and career counseling. Career Gear accepts donations of suits, shirts, ties, shoes, and other business attire for men.

3. Goodwill: Goodwill is a widely recognized charitable organization that accepts all types of clothing donations, including business suits. Your local Goodwill store will likely have a specific section for professional attire.

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4. The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is another well-established organization that accepts clothing donations. They provide clothing to those in need and sell the remaining items in their thrift stores to fund their programs.

5. Local Homeless Shelters: Homeless shelters often accept donations of business suits to help individuals prepare for job interviews and secure employment. Contact your nearest shelter to inquire about their donation policies.

6. Local Job Training Programs: Many cities have job training programs that assist individuals in acquiring the skills and resources necessary to secure employment. These programs often accept donations of professional clothing to support their participants.

7. Online Platforms: Websites like Freecycle and Craigslist have sections dedicated to free items, including clothing. You can post your suits on these platforms to directly connect with individuals in need.

8. Local Churches and Community Centers: Churches and community centers often have programs that provide clothing assistance to those in need. Reach out to these organizations to see if they accept business suit donations.

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9. Professional Networking Groups: Some professional networking groups have initiatives that collect business suits for those who are transitioning back into the workforce. Connect with these groups to contribute to their cause.


1. Can I donate suits that are not in perfect condition?
Yes, most organizations accept slightly worn suits as long as they are still presentable.

2. Can I donate suits that no longer fit me?
Absolutely! Your gently used suits can be of great value to someone else.

3. Do these organizations provide a tax receipt for donations?
Yes, most organizations will provide a tax receipt upon request.

4. Is it better to donate locally or to larger organizations?
Both options are beneficial. Local organizations often have a more direct impact, while larger organizations have wider reach.

5. Can I donate accessories along with the suits?
Yes, accessories like ties, belts, and shoes are usually accepted and appreciated.

6. Are there any specific suit styles or sizes that are more in demand?
Classic styles and a range of sizes are usually in higher demand, but all donations are welcomed and useful.

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7. Do these organizations accept donations year-round?
Yes, most organizations accept donations throughout the year.

8. Can I donate suits for children or teens?
While the focus is primarily on adult professional attire, some organizations may accept donations for younger individuals as well.

9. Can I donate suits that are not dry cleaned?
It is best to donate suits that are clean and in good condition. Dry cleaning is preferred but not always necessary.

By donating your business suits, you are not only decluttering your wardrobe but also helping someone in need to achieve professional success. Choose the organization that resonates with you the most and make a positive impact by giving back in style.

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