Where Is the Corporate Office for Dollar General?

Where Is the Corporate Office for Dollar General?

Dollar General is a popular American variety store chain that operates thousands of stores across the United States. As a well-known retail company, many customers and potential employees may wonder where its corporate office is located. The corporate headquarters for Dollar General can be found in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Goodlettsville, a suburb of Nashville, serves as the primary location for Dollar General’s corporate operations. The company’s headquarters address is 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN 37072. Situated just 15 miles north of downtown Nashville, the corporate office oversees the strategic direction and management of Dollar General’s extensive network of stores.

FAQs about Dollar General’s Corporate Office:

1. Can I visit Dollar General’s corporate office?
Unfortunately, the corporate office is not open to the public. It is primarily a working facility for employees.

2. How can I contact Dollar General’s corporate office?
You can reach Dollar General’s corporate office by calling their main phone number at (615) 855-4000.

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3. Does Dollar General accept job applications at its corporate office?
Yes, Dollar General often has various career opportunities available at its corporate office. Interested individuals can visit the company’s careers page on their website to explore openings.

4. How many employees work at Dollar General’s corporate office?
As of 2021, Dollar General has approximately 1,500 employees working at its corporate headquarters.

5. Are there any tours or visitor programs at the corporate office?
No, Dollar General does not offer tours or visitor programs at its corporate office.

6. What departments are housed in Dollar General’s corporate office?
The corporate office houses various departments, including finance, marketing, human resources, operations, legal, and more.

7. Can I send mail to Dollar General’s corporate office?
Yes, you can send mail to their corporate office at the address mentioned above.

8. Is there a helpline for shareholders at Dollar General’s corporate office?
Yes, shareholders can contact Dollar General’s investor relations department by calling (615) 855-5525.

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9. Does Dollar General have other corporate offices?
In addition to its main corporate office in Goodlettsville, Dollar General has regional offices throughout the United States to support its operations nationwide.

Dollar General’s corporate office in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, plays a crucial role in overseeing the company’s growth and operations. While the corporate office itself is not open to the public, customers and investors can still connect with the company through various other channels. Whether it’s through their stores or online, Dollar General remains committed to serving its customers and providing employment opportunities throughout the country.

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