Where Do I Enter My Google Business Verification Code

Where Do I Enter My Google Business Verification Code?

If you are a business owner looking to claim or verify your Google My Business listing, you may have received a verification code from Google. This code is sent to you to confirm your association with the business and ensure the accuracy of the information displayed on Google Maps and search results. Once you receive this code, you will need to enter it in the appropriate location to complete the verification process. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log in to your Google My Business account. If you don’t have one, create a new account by providing your business information.
2. Once logged in, you will see a dashboard with various options. Look for the “Verify Now” option, usually displayed prominently.
3. Click on “Verify Now” and a new window will open, prompting you to enter the verification code.
4. Enter the code exactly as it appears in the message you received from Google. Make sure there are no spaces or errors.
5. Click on the “Submit” or “Verify” button.

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Once you have entered the code and clicked on “Submit,” Google will verify your business listing. This process may take a few minutes or up to a few days, depending on Google’s verification process. Once verified, your business information will be displayed accurately on Google Maps and search results.


1. How long does it take to receive the verification code?
The verification code is usually sent via mail and can take around 1-2 weeks to arrive.

2. Can I request a new verification code?
Yes, you can request a new code by logging into your Google My Business account and clicking on “Request another code.”

3. Can I verify my business without a verification code?
While codes are the most common method, Google does provide alternative verification options, such as phone call or email verification.

4. What if I accidentally entered the wrong code?
If you entered the wrong code, you can request a new one and try again.

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5. Can I verify multiple locations at once?
Yes, you can verify multiple locations if you have multiple businesses. Simply follow the same process for each location.

6. What if I never received the verification code?
If you haven’t received the code after a few weeks, you can contact Google My Business support for assistance.

7. Is the verification code case-sensitive?
No, the verification code is not case-sensitive. You can enter it in lowercase or uppercase.

8. Can I verify my business using a mobile app?
Yes, you can download the Google My Business app and verify your business using the app.

9. What if my business has already been verified by someone else?
If your business has already been verified by someone else, you will need to request access or ownership from the current owner before making any changes.

Remember, verifying your Google My Business listing is crucial for local businesses to appear in search results accurately. By following the steps above and entering your verification code correctly, you can ensure that your business is properly verified and displayed on Google.

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