Teachers Who Started Their Own Business

Teachers Who Started Their Own Business: Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Teachers are known for their dedication and passion for education, but some educators are also venturing into the world of entrepreneurship. These individuals are harnessing their skills and knowledge to create their own businesses, adding another layer to their already diverse skill set. Let’s take a closer look at some inspiring teachers who have successfully turned their passion into profitable ventures.

1. Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin – Founders of KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program)
These two former teachers started KIPP, a network of public charter schools that focuses on preparing students from underserved communities for success in college and beyond. They began with a single classroom in Houston and have since grown to over 200 schools nationwide.

2. Ron Clark – Founder of the Ron Clark Academy
Ron Clark, a teacher from North Carolina, founded the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. This innovative school provides a unique learning experience for students and has gained international recognition for its success.

3. Angela Maiers – Founder of Choose2Matter
Angela Maiers, an educator and author, founded Choose2Matter, an organization dedicated to empowering students to make a difference in the world. She has inspired countless teachers and students to embrace their unique skills and talents.

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4. Jeff Bezos – Founder of Amazon
Before becoming the CEO of Amazon and one of the richest individuals in the world, Jeff Bezos worked as a computer science teacher. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create an online bookstore that eventually transformed into the e-commerce giant we know today.

5. Sal Khan – Founder of Khan Academy
Sal Khan, a former hedge fund analyst, started Khan Academy, an online platform that offers free educational resources to learners worldwide. His background in education and his passion for helping students led to the creation of this immensely popular platform.

6. Christopher Gray – Founder of Scholly
While still a student, Christopher Gray created Scholly, an app that helps students find scholarships for college. This innovative tool has helped millions of students access funding for higher education.

7. Sarah Blaine – Founder of Parenting Through the Storm
Sarah Blaine, a former teacher, started Parenting Through the Storm, a website and blog that provides support and resources for parents struggling with mental health challenges.

8. Joel Klein – Founder of Amplify
Joel Klein, a former chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, founded Amplify, an education technology company. Amplify provides digital curriculum and assessment tools to schools across the United States.

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9. Jaime Escalante – Founder of Escalante Math Program
Jaime Escalante, a renowned educator, founded the Escalante Math Program, which aimed to uplift struggling students in math. His dedication and innovative teaching methods inspired countless students to excel in the subject.


1. Can teachers start their own businesses while still teaching?
Yes, many teachers choose to start their own businesses while still working in education. This allows them to leverage their skills and knowledge while exploring new opportunities.

2. What skills do teachers possess that make them successful entrepreneurs?
Teachers possess excellent communication skills, adaptability, creativity, and the ability to multitask – all valuable traits in entrepreneurship.

3. How can teachers balance their teaching job with their business venture?
Teachers must prioritize and manage their time effectively to balance both responsibilities. They may need to delegate certain tasks or adjust their schedules accordingly.

4. What types of businesses do teachers commonly start?
Teachers often start tutoring services, educational consulting firms, or online learning platforms. However, some venture into unrelated industries based on their personal interests.

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5. What challenges do teachers face when starting their own businesses?
Teachers may face challenges such as limited time, financial constraints, and the need to learn new skills related to business management.

6. Can teachers use their teaching experience to benefit their business?
Absolutely! Teaching experience provides valuable insights into the needs of students and the education system, enabling teachers to create products and services that cater to those needs.

7. How do teachers fund their businesses?
Teachers can fund their businesses through personal savings, loans, grants, or crowdfunding. Some may also seek investors or partner with other educators.

8. Are there any success stories of teachers who started their own businesses?
Yes, many teachers have successfully started and grown their own businesses. Some have achieved global recognition and made a significant impact in education.

9. Can teachers transition from their teaching career to entrepreneurship full-time?
Yes, teachers can transition from their teaching career to entrepreneurship full-time. This decision depends on various factors, such as their financial situation, passion for their business, and long-term goals.

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