How to Get a Redbox Machine at My Business

How to Get a Redbox Machine at My Business

Redbox is a popular DVD and Blu-ray disc rental service that has revolutionized the way people rent movies. With its easy-to-use kiosks located in various locations, Redbox has become a convenient option for movie enthusiasts. If you own a business and are interested in installing a Redbox machine, here are the steps you can take to make it happen.

1. Research Redbox: Start by familiarizing yourself with Redbox and its services. Visit their official website to learn more about their rental options and how the kiosk system works.

2. Assess your business suitability: Determine whether your business has the appropriate space and customer traffic to support a Redbox machine. Redbox typically requires a minimum of 10,000 customers per month to consider installing a kiosk.

3. Contact Redbox: Reach out to Redbox by visiting their website and clicking on the “Contact Us” section. Fill out the necessary information and express your interest in having a Redbox machine installed at your business.

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4. Provide location details: Redbox will require specific information about your business location, such as address, operating hours, and the number of customers you serve daily. This will help them evaluate the feasibility of installing a kiosk at your site.

5. Negotiate terms: If Redbox determines that your business is suitable, they will contact you to discuss the terms of the agreement. This may include revenue sharing, rental fees, and maintenance responsibilities.

6. Sign an agreement: Once you have negotiated the terms and conditions, you will need to sign an agreement with Redbox. This agreement will outline the obligations and responsibilities of both parties.

7. Prepare the installation site: Redbox will provide guidelines on how to prepare the installation site. This may involve ensuring adequate space, electricity supply, and accessibility for customers.

8. Arrange installation: Redbox will schedule the installation of the kiosk at your business location. Their technicians will handle the setup process, including connecting the machine to the internet and ensuring proper functionality.

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9. Promote the service: Once the Redbox machine is installed, make sure to inform your customers about the new service. Use signage, social media, and any other marketing channels available to create awareness and attract movie lovers to your business.


1. How much does it cost to install a Redbox machine at my business?
The cost varies depending on the agreement reached with Redbox. They typically require a revenue-sharing model, where a portion of the rental fees goes to them.

2. Can I choose which movies will be available?
No, Redbox determines the movie selection based on customer demand and availability.

3. Will Redbox provide customer support for the kiosk?
Yes, Redbox offers customer support, including a helpline and online assistance.

4. How often are movies restocked in the machine?
Movies are restocked regularly, usually on a weekly basis.

5. Can I change the location of the machine after installation?
Redbox does not allow relocation of kiosks once installed. The initial location needs to be carefully chosen.

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6. What happens if the machine malfunctions?
Redbox technicians will be responsible for maintenance and repairs.

7. Can I earn additional revenue from the Redbox machine?
Aside from the rental fees, Redbox offers incentives for promoting their service, such as referral bonuses and marketing support.

8. Can I track the rental activity and revenue generated by the machine?
Yes, Redbox provides a reporting system that allows you to track rental activity and revenue in real-time.

9. How long does the agreement with Redbox last?
The agreement duration can vary, but it is typically a multi-year commitment. Renewals can be negotiated upon expiration.

Installing a Redbox machine at your business can be a great way to attract customers and provide them with an added convenience. By following the outlined steps and understanding the responsibilities involved, you can bring the joy of movie rentals to your establishment.

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