How to Get a Redbox at My Business

How to Get a Redbox at My Business

Redbox is a popular DVD and Blu-ray rental company that offers convenient and affordable movie rentals at various locations. Having a Redbox kiosk at your business can attract more customers and provide an additional source of revenue. If you’re wondering how to get a Redbox at your business, here are some steps to follow:

1. Research Redbox Requirements: Visit the Redbox website and familiarize yourself with their requirements for hosting a kiosk. They have specific criteria regarding location, foot traffic, and space availability.

2. Determine Eligibility: Assess if your business meets the eligibility criteria set by Redbox. They typically prefer high-traffic locations such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and shopping centers.

3. Contact Redbox: Reach out to Redbox through their website or customer service number to express your interest in hosting a kiosk. They will guide you through the process and provide you with any necessary forms or contracts.

4. Provide Location Information: Share key details about your business, including address, square footage, and estimated daily foot traffic. Redbox will evaluate your location’s potential and determine if it meets their requirements.

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5. Sign Agreement and Pay Fees: If your business is deemed eligible, you will be required to sign an agreement with Redbox and pay the necessary installation and maintenance fees. These fees may vary depending on the location and type of kiosk.

6. Prepare the Space: Allocate a suitable area within your business premises where the Redbox kiosk can be installed. Ensure it is easily accessible and visible to customers.

7. Coordinate Installation: Redbox will schedule a date for installation and send their technicians to set up the kiosk. They will require access to power outlets and an internet connection for seamless operations.

8. Promote Your Redbox: Once the kiosk is installed, promote its presence through various marketing channels. Display signage, inform your customers, and use social media platforms to generate awareness.

9. Monitor Performance: Regularly assess the performance of the Redbox kiosk in terms of rentals and revenue. Redbox provides access to online reports to help you track usage and earnings.

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FAQs about Having a Redbox at My Business

1. How much space is required for a Redbox kiosk?
Redbox kiosks typically require around 60 to 100 square feet of space.

2. What are the fees associated with hosting a Redbox?
Fees include installation costs, monthly maintenance fees, and a percentage of revenue share with Redbox.

3. Can I choose which movies are available in my Redbox?
No, the movie selection is determined by Redbox, and they regularly update the titles available.

4. How often are movies restocked in the Redbox kiosk?
Redbox technicians visit the kiosks regularly to restock movies, typically on a weekly basis.

5. Can I advertise my business on the Redbox kiosk?
No, Redbox kiosks are primarily for movie rentals and do not offer advertising space.

6. Can I remove the Redbox kiosk if it’s not performing well?
Redbox agreements usually include a minimum commitment period before removal is possible. Check your contract for details.

7. Will Redbox provide customer support for the kiosk?
Yes, Redbox offers customer support for both renters and business owners through their website and helpline.

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8. Can I change the location of the Redbox kiosk within my business?
Relocation requests can be made to Redbox, but they will evaluate the new location for eligibility.

9. What if the Redbox kiosk requires maintenance or repair?
Redbox has a dedicated team that handles maintenance and repairs. Simply report any issues, and they will take care of it.

By following these steps and understanding the FAQs, you can successfully get a Redbox at your business. Offering this convenient movie rental service can enhance customer experience and potentially boost your business’s revenue.

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