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Situated in the north-central region of the United States along the Canadian border, North Dakota is known for its strong agricultural activities and its cold climate. The U.S. Census Bureau indicates that fewer than 800,000 residents live in this state, making it one of the least densely populated states in the country. Despite this, it has enjoyed an incredible 12 percent population growth rate over the last five years. The oil boom in the state has created economic growth and a very low unemployment rate. The state currently ranks 25th in entrepreneurial activities in the country, indicating how strong the economy is. Some small business owners in North Dakota have been successful with their initial business launch efforts, but they may be stuck in a rut and unable to further promote the growth of their business. One of the biggest obstacles that small business owners face when looking for growth relates to the availability of capital. The good news is that you may be able to obtain the capital you need by applying for a North Dakota small business loan.

Imagining the Possibilities for Growth

A typical small business loan in North Dakota may infuse your business with tens or hundreds of thousands of extra dollars. With so much funding available, you can imagine the incredible possibilities for business growth. Other business owners in North Dakota who have obtained a small business loan have used the funds to open a second or third branch location, to hire additional employees to serve a growing customer case, to purchase new vehicles or equipment, to develop better products and more. Such plans can help you to take your business in North Dakota to a new level and to generate greater profits. Exploring the possible loan terms available for North Dakota small business loans may help you to better determine if this is a financing option you want to proceed with.

North Dakota’s Top Small Business Lenders

Small business loans are common, and you will find that many credit unions and banks in North Dakota offer these loans. However, some top lenders that are known for offering great rates make the majority of these loans. With this in mind, you may want to begin your search by reviewing advertised small business loan terms on their websites. The top small business lenders in the state include Northland Financial, Western State Bank, BlackRidgeBANK, Dakota Community Bank and Trust, Security First Bank of North Dakota and several others. Advertised rates for most banks are applicable to the most qualified candidates. Unless you have a stellar loan application and are exceptionally well-qualified, you may reasonably expect slightly less desirable rates and terms or a slightly reduced loan amount.

Defining Your Business’s Funding Needs

While you can begin researching rates for small business loans in North Dakota right away, it is wise to conduct some additional research about your funding needs before you actually begin the loan process. Your lender will immediately ask you about your desired loan amount when you request a quote. To determine your loan amount needed, you must create a plan for the use of funds. Update your business plan to reflect the great plans you have for your business. Define the budget to bring these plans to life. Make the numbers as realistic as possible by using the Internet for research and by contacting vendors for quotes if needed. Your desired loan amount can then be used with an online loan calculator to estimate your monthly loan payment. Savvy business owners will review this monthly loan payment with their budget to ensure that the payments are affordable.

As You Begin the Loan Process

The small business loan process in North Dakota can take several weeks or months to complete. A large portion of the time required for the process relates to gathering the required documentation and providing it to the lender for review. With this in mind, it is wise to begin pulling together some of the items that are most commonly reviewed for small business loan requests. Most lenders will require you to provide bank statements and tax returns for your personal and business life, operating statements, future projections for income and expenses, a business plan updated to reflect the growth plan and more. When you spend a few hours gathering together this information up-front, you can enjoy a smoother and faster loan process.

North Dakota has an incredible economic climate that provides the opportunity for small business owners to thrive and for businesses to grow. If you have plans for growth for your small business, North Dakota small business loans may provide you with the extra capital required to make this growth a reality. If you are ready to move forward with your growth plans, now is a great time to research rates for business loans online.